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About Dye Mushrooms

Mushroom colours are especially prized, not only for the richness of their hues, but because of their limited availability.

Most wild mushrooms, when put into the dyepot, will give a nice mushroom tan, if anything. Only certain mushrooms contain usable pigment, and in most cases, they can be processed directly after picking, usually by simmering gently in plain water.

If you're interested in more commentary and technical details about mushroom dyeing, check out my blog.

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2017 Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival

The Sunshine Coast Society for the Hunting, Recognition and Observation of Mushrooms (SHROOM) will host its ninth annual Mushroom Festival on October 13, 14, and 15 in Madeira Park, BC. We'll have our usual mushroom displays, cooking demonstrations and vendors of local produce—and this year, mushroom dyepots!

The guest speaker this year is Brian "Bushman" Lee, who will share his extensive survival=skills knowledge. Look for details on the SHROOM website.

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